How to Take Care of Your Beard in Las Vegas

It's the age of the beard! Hairy men celebrate, it's your day to step up to bat. Whether you want to be in your town's Brett Keisel lookalike competition or just put on an extra layer this season, there are a couple beard grooming tips you oughta know. Check out the best ways to style your facial hair and get your beard in fighting shape.

How to Take Care of Your Beard

  • Begin with the Right Shape - Look good by getting a style which suits your face's shape. Round faces can get some extra length with a longer goatee while the rectangular-jawed among us would look great with close cut sides and a fuller goatee. Have a triangle shaped face? Grow as long as you want!
  • Wash it Often - Just like the hair on your head, you've gotta wash your facial hair. A freshly cleaned beard not only looks good but also encourages hair growth because it gets rid of dead skin. If your facial hair gets itchy, giving it a wash can help with the itch.
  • Maintenance - Beards are back but looking like a hobo isn’t. Keep that beard under control with regular trims and a comb.
  • Add Some Moisture - One reason behind itchy beards is super dry skin. Make sure it stays hydrated with beard oil or balm. The right beard product can offer style, de-frizzing and moisture all at the same time. The same goes for mustache wax if your mustache needs some love.
  • Stay Healthy - To ensure your beard keeps growing strong you need to put in the lifestyle work. Eat the right stuff, get enough sleep and exercise. Bada bing bada beard.

Sport Clips has Your Back

Not so sure about your trimming technique? No sweat, because our Stylists can trim your neck between cuts. Sport Clip’s legendary hot steamed towel wrap will open up your pores to help your beard grow. Luckily, you can walk right in without making an appointment, and get a full MVP Experience or only a neck trim, you pick. It’s your face, after all.