Las Vegas Hair Care for Men

It's good to be a guy! But it's not as good to be a guy who doesn't understand his hair. If you're trying to get the perfect cut, we have four hair care tips for men to keep you looking good. If you have thinning, curly or damaged hair, there's a tip below for you.

Tricks for Great Hair

  • The Perfect Cut -- Everything starts with the right foundation. Make sure the style you get suits your face's shape. Guys with oval faces can take their pick while those who have long faces look great with short cuts.
  • Shampoo on the Regular -- Keep your locks clean. Simple, right? Sweat, product buildup and your hair's natural oils all need help from a good shampoo. To keep your hair clean without stripping it of moisture, wash every other day. Because washing too frequently can remove hydration, use a nourishing conditioner when your hair could use a little more love. Conditioner also helps men who have longer hair comb through when it's wet.
  • Dry Your Hair Without Damage -- Using a towel to roughly dry your hair can create frizzy hair and damage the follicle. If you air dry, rather than a towel try a soft t-shirt. It soaks up moisture while being gentle on your hair. If you like to blow dry or heat style your cut, you've gotta use a protectant to keep it from ending up harmed.
  • Get the Right Styling Tools -- Instead of using a brush to detangle, try a comb instead. A wide tooth comb unsnarls hair without creating frizz like a brush tends to do. For curly haired guys, combs work efficiently to prevent bushy hair. The ideal products can help you look good too.

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